Kmail. Way to move all mail from one folder to another.

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at
Sat Aug 19 20:52:04 BST 2006

On Saturday 19 August 2006 21:34, Bob Stia wrote:
> On Saturday 19 August 2006 14:46, Nigel Henry wrote:
> > I want to move mail from one folder to another, without moving one at a
> > time. Is there a way to add options to the right click on the folders
> > drop down menu? I can obviously move all the messages in a directory to
> > the wastebin, but I would like to move them to a different directory.
> Sure, easy
> Just select all of the mails that you want to move.  Right click and hold
> it on any one of them.  From the menu that comes up, select "move", pick
> your folder move the cursor onto the folder and release trhe click. Voila
> !!  All moved.
> Bob S.

Hi Bob. I'm not trying to be absolutely stupid, but where am I supposed to be 
selecting the mails from, that I want to move? From the list of headers, for 
instance in the inbox? I only am able to select one at a time like that.

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