Problem with automatic mounting of camera

Tim Wunder tim at
Fri Aug 18 13:08:38 BST 2006

On Friday 18 August 2006 4:00 am, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Tim Wunder wrote:
> > Using FC5 and KDE 3.5.4 (from kde-redhat) in a multi-user environment
> > (me, my wife, and my son).
> >
> > When I plug our camera into the USB port, I get a dialog asking me what
> > to do with the newly found device, regardless of the number of other
> > users logged in, or the order in which we log in. I can open it in a new
> > window, and have access to the pictures through media:/camera.
> >
> > However, my wife's user code does not get this dialog. When she plugs the
> > camera in, she always gets this error mesage: "Cannot find parent item
> > media:/ in the tree. Internal error."
> > If no one else is logged in, or if she was the first to log in, the
> > camera will get mounted and Konqueror's file manager will open
> > media:/camera and she'll have access to the pictures despite the error
> > message.
> > If she plugs the camera in and another user is logged into the system
> > before her, she just gets the error message and cannot access the
> > pictures in the camera. (media:/camera opens in konqueror to a blank
> > page).
> >
> > Where might this behavior be controlled?
> This sounds like a PAM problem.

Yeah, it does sound like that, doesn't it?

> > Is there a setting in ~/.kde for
> > this?
> Unfortunately, no.

There *has* to be something... this is a problem for a single user on the box. 
The other users don't have the problem. My user code does not have any 
different permissions associated with it than hers, and I don't have the 

> I have had to fix such problems with sound by hand editing:
> 	/etc/security/console.perms

On FC5, it's /etc/security/console.perms.d/50-default.perms, and I've edited 
it as follows:
<console>  0666 <camera>     0660 root.users
and she is a member of the users group

> If this is the problem, this is the fix:
> Make a group (if you don't already have one): "camera", give it a 3
> digit group number, and make all users that are allowed to use the
> camera a member of that group.  You can use: "KUser" to do this.
> Edit this line of the file:
> <console>  0600 <camera>     0600 root
> Change it to:
> <console>  0660 <camera>     0660

That line will make the ownership on the <camera> device(s) when <user>.root 
with 0660 permissions when <user> logs in. Oonly the <user> will have access 
to the device (group access is restricted to the group "root" of which only 
root is a member). Upon logout, the device(s) would get ownership of allowing people in the camera group to have access.

I had a similar line to that for sound, but that didn't work if two users were 
logged in at the same time, so had to change the sound config to:
<console>  0666 <sound>      0660 root.users

> hope this works.

It didn't, that's why I think it's a config issue somewhere in ~/.kde...

When plug in the camera and get the dialog, there's a checkbox to always do 
this with that kind of device (I forget the specific text as I'm not local to 
the box right now). I'm guessing that she's checked that, and there's 
something borken in the way it's handling things now. That has to be a 
setting in ~/.kde somewhere.

Thanks for the response.

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