Problem with automatic mounting of camera

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Fri Aug 18 09:00:04 BST 2006

Tim Wunder wrote:
> Using FC5 and KDE 3.5.4 (from kde-redhat) in a multi-user environment (me, my 
> wife, and my son). 
> When I plug our camera into the USB port, I get a dialog asking me what to do 
> with the newly found device, regardless of the number of other users logged 
> in, or the order in which we log in. I can open it in a new window, and have 
> access to the pictures through media:/camera. 
> However, my wife's user code does not get this dialog. When she plugs the 
> camera in, she always gets this error mesage: "Cannot find parent item 
> media:/ in the tree. Internal error."
> If no one else is logged in, or if she was the first to log in, the camera 
> will get mounted and Konqueror's file manager will open media:/camera and 
> she'll have access to the pictures despite the error message.
> If she plugs the camera in and another user is logged into the system before 
> her, she just gets the error message and cannot access the pictures in the 
> camera. (media:/camera opens in konqueror to a blank page).
> Where might this behavior be controlled? 

This sounds like a PAM problem.

> Is there a setting in ~/.kde for 
> this? 

Unfortunately, no.

I have had to fix such problems with sound by hand editing:


If this is the problem, this is the fix:

Make a group (if you don't already have one): "camera", give it a 3 
digit group number, and make all users that are allowed to use the 
camera a member of that group.  You can use: "KUser" to do this.

Edit this line of the file:

<console>  0600 <camera>     0600 root

Change it to:

<console>  0660 <camera>     0660

hope this works.


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