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Rick Montgomery rick at
Tue Aug 15 17:24:23 BST 2006

I run 5 separate networks 48 strands fiber internally (we have same
restrictions on video and recording)

For tech support from field sales / clients it is becoming a must as well as
customer service (serperate networks T1's etc), internaly due to distance
between offices and departments internal messaging / video is becoming a
needed asset (looking at a strictly internal system). The networks that
these people use has no outside access and I have special terminals set up
on a different network run that they use for vid with sales and engineers.
Then there is the production, automation control and LAB/QA/R&D again all
separate isolated networks keystrokes and access / usage constantly recorded
and archived. No floppy / cd /usb on units

Rick Montgomery
rick at


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On 14 Aug 2006, at 19:30 , Gary L. Greene Jr. wrote:

> On Monday 14 August 2006 21:38, Merton Campbell Crockett wrote:
>> On 14 Aug 2006, at 16:32 , Marek Wawrzyczny wrote:
>>> On Tuesday 15 August 2006 07:31, Rick Montgomery wrote:
>>>> I am looking at switching out several laptops and desktops to SuSE
>>>> SLED 10, we do not use "MSN" messenger, only YH messenger / video
>>>> conference. what about in Linux? As YH is the choice of all our  
>>>> personnel.
>>>> Suggestions appreciated
>>> KDE's Kopete has had Yahoo IM support for quite some time. However,
>>> I have not used it in that fashion, nor do I have a camera to  
>>> test its
>>> relatively recent video conferencing facility. AFAIK, video  
>>> conferencing
>>> works with MSN, not sure about its support on other networks.
>>> Kopete works with MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Gadu-Gadu, GroupWise, ICQ, IRC,
>>> Jabber, SMS, WinPopup protocol. Of course full feature support on  
>>> some
>>> networks may not be possible depending on how open the protocol is
>>> and if it is closed, how well the reverse engineering effort is
>>> going. I would suggest just giving it a go.
>> In addition to Kopete, I suspect that you will find GAIM in the SLED
>> distribution.  It was included in SUSE Linux 10.1.  It definitely
>> supports the Yahoo! and AOL messenger products and the others
>> mentioned above.
> However it doesn't have webcam support. I hate to say it but it's  
> the one
> thing that the proprietary IM tools have as an ace at the moment.  
> This is one
> of the things that is on the TODO list for Gaim, and Kopete. AMSN  
> does have
> some support for MSN webcams and has better support for MSN than  
> most. Also
> it has good themeing support.

At work the only cameras permitted in the facility are security  
cameras.  Any device with a built-in camera must have the camera  
physically disabled before it can be brought into the building.   
There are similar restrictions on devices with microphones.   
Obviously, a messaging system that provides audio and video isn't  
particularly useful in this environment.

Out of curiosity, does anyone actually use the video features of  
messaging software?  It strikes me that it is something that one  
might use once or twice before deciding that it is a total waste of  
network and system resources.

Merton Campbell Crockett
m.c.crockett at

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