How to get hyperlinks in Kmail to open Firefox

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at
Tue Aug 8 18:06:34 BST 2006

I have problems on some sites with Konqueror when clicking on hyperlinks in 
Kmail. Sourceforge for downloads is a big problem, resulting in a locked up 
Konqueror using 100% CPU. Same goes for my ISPs site for some stuff, and now 
a French learning site is giving me problems. 

I use Konqueror most of the time, but is there a way I can get Kmail to open 
Firefox rather than Konqueror, when clicking on hyperlinks for these sites 
that are being difficult.

I've looked in "Control Centre >KDE Components > Component Chooser, but the 
webbrowser isn't in it.

This is on FC2, using KDE 3.2.2-14.FC2.2.legacy.

Any suggestions welcome.

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