Konqueror CSS question: implementation of min-height property

Mitch mitch074 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 16:00:23 BST 2006

Hello everybody,

Having divided my page in sections, I'd like to be able to display only 
one section full-screen (adding 'padding' after the section body so as 
to display only one section per screen) - this of course means that 
depending on the user's screen size, the padding must be bigger or 
smaller; also, depending on the body size, the browser must be able to 
stetch the section PAST the screen bottom. There is a nifty CSS property 
that allows to do just that. Please consider the following code:

<style type="text/css">
.section {min-height:100%; heigth:auto}
<div class="section">
<p>...some content that goes past the page's bottom, but I won't do so 
in the mail body!</p>
<div class="section">
<p>Yet some more content</p>

If it worked as I wanted, then I'd get:

|...some content that goes past the page's
| bottom, but I won't do so in the mail body!
|Yet some more content

...on a browser able to display 7 lines of code per screen.

However, while Konqueror supports min-height, it only does so on px (and 
probably em) - but not %!

Anybody aware of that?

Note: Gecko does support it completely. IE5/6 don't (and IE7 and Opera 9 
react like Konqueror), but then I've already found workarounds for most 
of those. I have a partially working solution for Konqueror (just define 
min-height as 800px then redefine it as 100%), but it's both inelegant 
and creates a warning (min-height is declared twice).

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