Slow display access in konqueror

John john_82 at
Sat Apr 29 10:04:38 BST 2006

On Saturday 29 April 2006 06:47, Pavel Troller wrote:
> Hi!
>   I would like to ask for an experience with the following problem:
>   Recently I've bought a new system based on a DFI Lanparty board and a
> GeForce 6200 graphics card in a PCIEx16 slot with Dual Core Opteron 2G as
> the main CPU.
>   I've found that I cannot use the proprietary Nvidia driver. The problem
> is that I'm extensively using the text console mode in a high resolution
> and the only possibility how to achieve this was activating the nvidia
> framebuffer support in the kernel (my video BIOS doesn't offer anything
> more than 80xN and SVGATextMode is unusable for this card). When I tried to
> install the Nvidia driver, it asked me to disable my kernel framebuffer
> support :-(. So I'm using the xorg's builtin nv one.
>   And finally, about the problem: Generally, the system is very fast. KDE
> starts up for about 6 seconds for the first time on a freshly booted system
> (bottleneck in the hard disk bandwidth, even it's a SATA-II) and subsequent
> starts are below 2 secs. Amazing! However, *some* graphical operations are
> *unbelievably* slow. For example, rendering a page in konqueror occurs in
> one - two steps, but every step takes about 3 seconds (!) and one may
> observe the process, how the image is slowly appearing from top to bottom
> of the screen. Please be aware that it's not slow khtml rendering, it's
> slow copying of the rendered image to the physical window. Scrolling of the
> page is a pain - every small movement of the scroll slider causes a "wave"
> going upside down and redrawing the contents. I think that a dialog box
> saying "Please wait, putting a pixel" would be appropriate here :-).
>   This behaviour contrasts with the rest of the system - even the graphical
> actions like appearing/disappearing of windows with full contents are
> nicely fast. I've found a second app - kpat - which probably exhibits
> something similar. The card movement is very choppy and it seems that the
> system is totally busy when playing a demo :-). However, I can play any
> video in kaffeine or kmplayer without a glich and with CPU load of 0.20
> :-).
>   Even on a much weaker systems (like my notebook with SIS chipset, also
> with 2D acceleration only) the same KDE doesn't show such a problem.
>   Does anybody have any hint, what's the possible cause and how to fix it ?
>                           With regards, Pavel Troller
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I await an answer with great interest to this one. Since my desktop became a 
bit cluttered and the number of files built up my desktop painting etc is 
slow especially if the internet is being accessed via eth0. Eth0 and desktop 
painting even interferes with sound. No such problems on suse 9.0 and the 
same kit. I often have 20 or more Konqs up.
3gig P4, 1gig 400 ddr, sata, linux nvidia driver. Intel motherboard
It just like a screwed up windoze installation.

Suse 10.0
KDE 3.4.2 B
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