konsole: boldface & color

Ryo Furue furue at hawaii.edu
Fri Apr 28 03:44:41 BST 2006

Hi all,

I'm wondering where to look to fix this problem: Boldface
in a konsole also affects the color of text.

I set my system color scheme to use white text on a dark-blue
background (Control Center -> Appearance & Themes -> Colors),
and I've configured konsole to use the "System Colors"
(konsole -> Settings -> Configure Konsole -> Schema).
Konsole now shows white text on a dark-blue background.

Everything is good, except that boldface texts are displayed
as black, which is hard to read on a dark-blue background.
For example,

  $ tput bold

in a konsole makes the color of text change from white to
black (It's hard to tell whether this makes the text bold or not).
Also, the text which is supposed to be in boldface in a manpage
is shown in black when the pager is "less" (PAGER=less).
(Strangely, it is displayed as non-bold white text when the
 pager is "more".)  "tput setf 7" changes the text color
to white, and "tput setf 3" changes it to cyan.  That means
the color capability is there.

Gnome-terminal works fine.  When I invoke a gnome-terminal
from a konsole prompt, it displays white text on a dark-blue
background.  It seems to be using the system color of KDE.
"$ tput bold" makes text bold-white and the boldface text in
a manpages is shown as bold-white text, all as expected.

Could somebody tell me where I should look?

Thank you,
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