How do I make KDE run on just one screen in a dual-head setup?

Roy W. Andersen ensnared at
Thu Apr 27 20:41:01 BST 2006


I've been trying to make KDE leave my TV alone, but I can't seem to
figure out how to do it ;)

I have a dual-head setup with my monitor as my primary screen, and my TV
as the secondary. I'm not using Xinerama or Twinview or anything funky
like that, just an xorg.conf with two "Device"-sections, two
"Screen"-sections and one "ServerLayout" section with one screen (my TV)
set to be on the right side of the other (my monitor). It's working
nicely, and I can move my mouse between the two, but I can't move any
windows between them. In short, this is set up just the way I want it.

Now, what I'd like is to have KDE only run on my monitor (:0.0, named
"Screen[0] in xorg.conf), while allowing me to run a different window
manager on the TV (:0.1, named "Screen[1]"). I want that second window
manager to be Freevo (or oxine or whatever I wish to use - we're talking
fullscreen "OSD" media-players at any rate), but that's immaterial to
the actual problem.

I've googled for hours, both web and Usenet. I've asked several places
on several IRC networks, posted in a couple of high traffic forums, and
no dice so far. And so, I ask here crossing my fingers for better luck :)

I know about the possibility of running separate X-servers, but I don't
want that. I want the setup I have now, except I want KDE to leave my TV
alone and only run the session on my monitor, and I want my TV to have
one application only (which will effectively make it the window
manager), which is my media-player.

As far as I know, this is possible with several regular window manager,
as well as Gnome as far as I've figured out, by specifying the display
they are to run on (e.g. :0.0 in my case). But I've yet to figure out if
and/or how it's possible with KDE.

I use GDM as my display manager, if that matters. I'd rather keep using
that instead of switching to KDM, but if that's a requirement to get
this working (although I don't see why it should) then I would probably
be willing to pay that price ;)

So, if anyone could help me shed some light on this, I'd greatly
appreciate it :)

I'm running KDE 3.5.2 in Ubuntu 6.06 beta ( 7.0). Not sure how much
that matters but just in case... ;)

Roy W. Andersen
ensnared at /

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