Compiling kdebase 3.4.2 with LDAP support

Lars Stolze lstolze at
Tue Apr 11 16:14:33 BST 2006

Hi Gianluca,

thanks for your fast reply.

> I'm using too Slackware (with -current tree updates) but the better way
> (for me and for other slackers) is to use SlackBuild instead
> checkinstall, specially for complexes packages.

I haven't done that yet, but that makes sense. I'll try that the next  days.

> From openldap-client.SlackBuild:
> ./configure \
>    --prefix=/usr \
>    --localstatedir=/var/lib \
>    --sysconfdir=/etc \
>    --with-cyrus-sasl \
>    --with-tls \
>    --with-readline \
>    --with-threads \
>    --enable-debug \
>    --enable-syslog \
>    --enable-dynamic \
>    --enable-local \
>    --enable-proctitle \
>    --disable-ipv6 \
>    --disable-static \
>    --enable-shared \
>    --disable-slapd \
>    --disable-slurpd
> make depend
> make -j3
> make test
> make install DESTDIR=$PKG

That's exactly what I did when compiling OpenLDAP and kdebase. I
looked at the SlackBuild scripts and used the configure options from
that files. I only changed the prefix. So I don't think that was the

> Have you tried with the latest version of KDE? You can modify the
> official SlackBuild (kdebase.SlackBuild) with --with-ldap directive in
> the configure, but i think you don't need this.
> See
> for more informations.

No, I haven't tried the latest KDE version so far. Honestly, that's
something I wanted to avoid. I need my Slackware system at work and
don't have much time to play with a maybe broken KDE afterwards.
Therefore my intention was just to recompile the packages needed for
LDAP support and change them.

> Try with official precompiled packages + openldap-client (2.3.20 version
> from slackware -current tree or 2.3.21, the latest version) :-).

I'm afraid I'll have to try that the next days when I have some time
and I can't find another solution =). Thanks again for your reply.

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