Can't duplicate files any more?

Dillonco dillonco at
Tue Apr 4 09:29:37 BST 2006

James Richard Tyrer wrote:

> Dillonco wrote:
>> I've just updated to KDE 3.5.2, and Konqueror is no longer letting me
>>  duplicate files (ctrl+drag to same folder, crtl+c - ctrl+v, etc).
>> While I used to get the something like the overwrite file dialog (I
>> don't think it had all the details), I now only get "the source and
>> destination are the same file". Now the only way to duplicate files
>> is to copy to another folder then move back.
> I'm not sure about this since I saw it once or twice and then I undated
> my SVN of the 3.5 BRANCH and it went away.  It is possible that 3.5.2
> was released with this serious regression.
> Someone else with 3.5.2 please try this and see if you have the same
> problem.
> If this is a bug, it appears that it has already been fixed.

Hrm...  I'm using gentoo's version, which is probably the normal release.

Anyway, I just set up a new account and tested it...  Everything works fine.

I guess I must have some messed up some config files, though I can't imagine
what files would affect this.  I also noticed that I'm missing the
Compress/Expand contex menus, along with the MoveTo and CopyTo options. 
Any ideas what files I need to fix?

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