Korrupted Kmail email backups? And how to restore?

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at chch.ox.ac.uk
Wed Apr 5 10:03:33 BST 2006

r bartlett wrote:

A tiny bit of background: KMail by default uses the maildir format for mail,
which is a Good Thing(TM), but the format can be a little confusing when
you look at it...

> Hi.  I had a bunch of mail in various folders in Kmail using FC4 and
> recently did a fresh install of FC5.  Kmail works great, but I've had a
> heck of a time importing my old mail into the new Kmail.  I have a backup
> of the old .kde/share/apps/kmail/mail folder (and the ../apps/kmail/ one
> as well), but I've noticed that there are two types of mail folders and
> one is corrupted.
> One type is a huge file with all the mail in it, preceded with a "."  For
> example, a folder I send most of my mail to: 
> mymail at mymainemailaddress.com.au.  I think the file in the /mail directory
> looks like this:

Oh, that sounds like mbox format (a different format to maildir). Hrm, now
I'm confused. Anyway, you seem to suggest that these mails are working OK,
so let's not worry about them.

> And the problem is that with these folder directories, all the email
> stored in them is disappearing in an odd way:  The mail initially seems to
> be listed there, but each time I click on an email to open it, it
> disappears.  In its place is a line saying "Subject Unknown           
> Unknown                  Unknown"  (the latter two are for the sender and
> time.)  If I click on another email, the same thing happens...and it stays
> gone.

I *think* this happens when the index files go wrong somehow. Try the
1. *Back up the whole mail directory, in case something goes wrong*
2. Make sure KMail is closed
3. Remove "*index*" files
4. Restart KMail.

Does that help?

> Also:  How do I delete a folder I've added to Kmail?!!  There doesn't seem
> to be any option for this!!!

In the folder menu.

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