John john_82 at
Wed Sep 28 11:08:41 BST 2005

Hi I'm still interested in this thread but by all means go ahead.
What I have so far is, that the change occurred at kde 3.4, that the account 
information can be copied into the appropriate directory and that the emails 
can be copied too providing that  they are just in the inbox and not in sub 
folders. Is this all correct?
Failing that I would like an answer to the same question.

On Wednesday 28 September 2005 08:10, Sylvain Rouillard wrote:
> Hi list,
> OK, I'm gonna kinda hijack this thread then, to rephrase the initial
> question so that it suits my needs. Is there a way to import Kmail mails
> into Kmail?
> I have a machine with a Kmail installed, I backed up an older Kmail
> directory from another machine (now formated), and now I'd like to merge
> both. I tried many Kmail import tools, but the best they can do seems to be
> an import of every single mail into as many directories as there are mails,
> which is a pain to sort out (if only one could delete several folders at
> once, I could cope and use filters, but noooo, one has to delete the
> created folders one by one, which would take some time with 1,000ish
> mails). Of course I also tried the good old cp, but the old mails moved in
> the proper folders do not magically appear in Kmail.
> I considered installing another mail client that would import Kmail mails,
> then convert and import back in Kmail. But it seems from what I read that
> they would also import each mail idependently and will in no way restore my
> folder structure.
> Actually I don't care much about the folder structure as long as it does
> not import each mail in one folder and don't make as many folders as there
> are mails.
> Any help, suggestion or hint would be more than welcome. Thanks in advance!
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