Native KDE for Windows

Christian Mueller cmueller at
Tue Sep 27 17:51:10 BST 2005

Am Montag, 26. September 2005 09:45 schrieb Mauro Sacchetto:
> Alle 07:14, lunedì 26 settembre 2005, Christian Mueller ha scritto:
> > This native port is made possible by the fact that Trolltech
> > released the windows version of Qt4 under the GPL.
> > That means that the first version of KDE that can legally
> > be ported to Windows is KDE 4 which is at least a year
> > away.
> And do u think Windows Vista
> will be a big trouble with this port too?

I'm not one of the developers but
I think Qt4 will surely support Windows Vista. 

One interesting question is how deeply KDE apps will be 
integratable with WinXP / WinVista and how 
native they will feel. No idea what to expect there.

Other than that I'll have to leave the question to someone else. 
I cannot comment on how hard this port will be, 
or even who will do it.


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