Kicker/panel applets won't start

Wes Gray smiths at
Mon Sep 26 06:12:48 BST 2005

I am stumped.  I had kde3.3 working fine, but on upgrading to 3.4 my panel
applets like taskbar won't start up. The message says "The Taskbar applet
could not be loaded.  Please check your installation."  If I remove my
old ~/.kde dirs to create a clean startup then several of the panel applets
give errors on login, and then kicker crashes.  If I use my old 3.3 kickerrc
then kicker doesn't crash, but the panel applets still won't start.  Any
ideas?  Is there a log to look at somewhere?  I'm thinking this must be
related to some old kde version data sitting around somewhere, but I haven't
been able to find any.  I'm running Gentoo and my install has been up 3
years, so it's accumulated some old stuff.  Thanks for any help,

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