Mysterious messages on console when starting KDE

Andreas Davour ante at Update.UU.SE
Thu Sep 15 17:12:08 BST 2005

On Thu, 15 Sep 2005, Philip Rodrigues wrote:

> Andreas Davour wrote:
>> When I startup KDE I get these odd messages on the console I start from.
>> I have begun to experience some odd instabilities and wonder if this is
>> due to a X upgrade or something I have done to my KDE installation.
> If your KDE session works as normal, there's no need to worry about these
> warning messages. You may be able to switch them off using kdebugdialog if
> they bother you. See:

Thanks for the link!

I experience severe X freezes and odd hangups at the moment, and I'm 
trying to decide if it's X, KDE och hardware, and random warnings alarm 


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