Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at chch.ox.ac.uk
Wed Sep 14 10:15:34 BST 2005

Robert Pratt wrote:

> I have use for several apps depending on kdelibs4. What should I do?
> Wait for the development of a version compatible with my installation of
> KDE 3.4.2?

Are you using Debian? They have a thoroughly confusing naming scheme for
kdelibs in which the KDE 3 libs are called kdelibs4 (yes, really). In that
case, you can install KDE 3 apps along with "kdelibs4". In this case, some
Debian user on the list can give you more exact instructions.

(On the topic of distributors and their weird ideas, and because I can't
imagine getting anything useful done this morning, why oh *why* did the
gentoo packagers think it was a good idea to create a package called
kde-base, containing everything but the kitchen sink? No chance of
confusion there, eh? Argh. NB I do not use Gentoo, but have spent time
trying to help those who do...)

> I'm  new to Linux, so be gentle and patient please.

Welcome, and enjoy the ride :-)

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