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Christian Mueller cmueller at
Mon Sep 12 14:21:07 BST 2005

Am Sonntag, 11. September 2005 22:50 schrieb Santiago Serebrinsky:
> Hi,
> I am using Konqueror (I love it!!) within Gnome. I want to know what is
> the right way of purging the trash can, since I don't have any icon in
> my desktop as it happens (I guess, I never tried it) when I use KDE.
> I found that trash files are located in ~/.local/share/Trash (I have two
> folders, "files" and "info"), but I don't know if simply deleting the
> files within each of the two folders is the appropriate way of purging.
> I guess it may be the case that if the trash is shared with Nautilus
> and/or other applications (as I know the idea of increasing
> compatibility has been around), a simple deletion may screw some things.

I don't know if Nautilus already supports the freedesktop trash 
specification but at least the idea of that spec is to make 
trash handling compatible and consistent.

Purging the trash "the right way" is simple in Konqueror: 
Just enter trash:/ in the location bar.  You'll be shown the 
content of the trash.  Right-clicking the background 
offers you an option to empty the trash.

If you like you can also create a bookmark or an icon 
pointing to that trash URL. 


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