Can't search the KDE Help Centre

Bogus Zaba bogzab at
Wed Sep 7 22:22:21 BST 2005

I think it happened after I upgraded to KDE3.4.1 - all from RPM 
binaries, not compiled from sources. Also I don't think I have excluded 
help docs, since I can browse them, just not possible to search them - 
ie the docs are there, but something has gone wrong with getting them 
indexed for searching.


Justin Denick wrote:

> Hey Bogus,
> I experienced a like issue with KDE-3.4.2-r2 on Gentoo-2005.1,but I 
> beleive the issue was/is related to < USE="-doc[...]" > which excludes 
> Help Documentation at compilation. While this created smaller binaries 
> and used less space, it also did exactly what it was supposed to-- 
> exclude help docs.
> Did you compile KDE by hand?
> Also, did this happen after an upgrade or any other dramatic change to 
> your box?
> On 9/6/05, *Bogus Zaba* <bogzab at 
> <mailto:bogzab at>> wrote:
>     Not sure if this is a KDE or a SUSE problem, but when I start the
>     Help
>     Centre from KDE3.4.1 with Suse 9.2, I can browse through the help
>     files,
>     using the "contents" tab in the left hand pane. When I want to search
>     through the help files, however, by changing to the "Seach" tab, the
>     [Search] button is greyed out. I have the option of pressing a [Build
>     Search Index] button at the bottom of the left hand pane, but this
>     brings up a dialog which should contain a list of documents and a
>     "status" (to say if an index exists or not I think). But the list is
>     empty and the [Build Index] button is greyed out. How do I
>     populate this
>     list and build a search index for my help files? I'm sure this worked
>     before but cannot say exactly when the index got lost. Possibly
>     when I
>     installed KDE3.4...
>     I can change the Index Folder in this dialog and have tried various
>     existing folders that I thought might be logical messing this this
>     does
>     not activate the [Build Index] button.
>     Thanks
>     Bogus
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