KDE's theme/style configuration file

adriano at freedows.com adriano at freedows.com
Fri Sep 2 18:36:15 BST 2005

Hello there,

I'm trying to find where KDE keeps its configuration (as a file) about
theme/style settings.

I'll be more specific. My company ships a GNOME based desktop, but our burning
CD application is K3b. K3b doesn't integrates fair well into our desktop, mostly
because it doesn't have the same look of the rest of the desktop, i.e., all the
GNOME apps.

I could found that /etc/kderc rules some configurations (like fonts) of KDE
apps, together with /etc/qtrc (via qtconfig).

Our desktop ships only with kdelibs and K3b, we don't have access to Kcontrol.
That's why the reason to manipulate directly the configuration file, I could set
the theme directly there, and all KDE applications (K3b) would use that

If this kind of setting is done trought /etc/kderc, where can I find all the
parameters/tags/options accepted by this file?

Thanks for the attention!

Adriano Del Vigna de Almeida
adriano.delvigna at freedows.com

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