Kmenuedit doesn't work

Rick Knight rick_knight at
Thu Oct 27 00:25:34 BST 2005

Jes Hall wrote:

>s s wrote:
>>I have the exact same problem: I can't change the
>>kMenu, no matter how hard I try. I'm hoping that the
>>next version of KDE fixes that. hmm... when it comes
>>out, I may try deleting then reinstalling KDE, and
>>recreating ~/.kde ...I'd like to avoid that if
>Recreating ~/.kde will not help you. Kmenuedit stores local menu changes 
>in ~/.local
>Try exporting XDG_CONFIG_DIRS=/path/to/KDE/etc/xdg - on my system that's 
>You can do that by placing a .sh file in ~/.kde/env
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Tried this. It didn't work. I tried exporting from the command line 
first and then with the config file in ~/.kde/env. I checked to make 
sure XDG_CONFIG_DIRS was set correctly, and it was. I still can't change 
my menu. Any other ideas?

Thanks again,
Rick Knight
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