Kmenuedit doesn't work

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Tue Oct 25 20:04:20 BST 2005

On Tuesday 25 October 2005 14:17, Richard W. Knight wrote:
>I have two PCs running KDE-3.4 with Kubuntu-5.04. On one PC everything
>works well, but on the other PC, I am unable to make changes to the KDE
>menu. I can run kmenuedit from a konsole and everything seems to work,
>but after closing kmenuedit and then clicking on K Menu, my changes do
>not exist. No error message or any indication of a problem with
>kmenuedit. I've tried changing kmenuedit to suid but that makes no
>difference. I've compared the settings on the two PCs and I can't find
>anything that can explain why I can't modify my menu on one of the PCs.
>Can anyone offer a suggestion?
>Rick Knight

That was the keyword I was looking for, kmenuedit.  And it does work
here, thank you very much.  KDE3.3.0 here, on FC2 box.

When you clicked on save as you exited, did it pop up a slider showing
progress as it updated the menu's?  It did here.

Also, I could not find a repair, eg a setup, in the /opt/openoffice.org2.0
installation dir, so rather than update the menu item for that, I deleted

Cheers, Gene
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