Xorg, KDE and Cuecat problems

Rick Knight rick_knight at rlknight.com
Wed Oct 19 20:18:19 BST 2005

Rick Knight wrote:

>I hope someone on this list can offer a suggestion.
>I have been trying for some time to get my PS/2 Cuecat device to work
>with Linux and X. Just last night I was able to determine that the
>problem seems to be with X and not with Linux. If I scan in an Xterm
>window or within my X app (Readerware) I get a bunch of beeps and
>sometimes a line feed. If I scan in a VT I get good output from the
>Cuecat. Today, I installed an old dist of RH with XFree86-3.3.6 just for
>testing and the Cuecat does scan under the older version of X. Has
>anyone been able to get the Cuecat devices to work under the current X?
>Is there some setting I can put in xorg.conf to allow the input from the
>Cuecat device?
>I've done some more testing and the problem seems to actually be with 
>KDE. If I start Xorg in failsafe mode and scan in the Xterm window, I 
>can see the Cuecat's output. Also, if I open an xterm in KDE, not a KDE 
>term, I can still scan and get good output. It seems that KDE is 
>grabbing the CueCat's input, but I can't find anything in the KDE 
>control center, or anywhere  else, that looks like the culprit. Can 
>anyone offer some suggestions?
>I'm running Kubuntu 5.04, KDE-3.2 and Xorg-6.8.2. The problems also 
>occurs on SLackware 9.0 and 10.0 with KDE-3.1and Xorg 6.8.0
>Rick Knight
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Correction, I'm running KDE-3.4, not 3.2.

Rick Knight

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