Opening file in separate window using bookmark

Jeffrey Barish jeff_barish at
Thu Oct 13 16:19:38 BST 2005

I posted a message several days ago asking for advice on how to set up
bookmarks so that a file opened from the bookmark toolbar opens in the
appropriate application rather than in an embedded viewer:

> I have a bookmark whose value is file:/home/jeffbarish/name.ksp. When I
> select the bookmark in Konqueror (3.3.2), the contents of the file appear
> in Konqueror. I would like for the bookmark to open the file in Kspread
> a separate window). Is there a way to do this? When I navigate to the
> directory containing the file using Konqueror and then click on the file,
> it does open the file in Kspread. And, of course, if I select the bookmark
> from the K menu, it opens Kspread. I looked in file associations and found
> x-kspread. On the Embedding tab I clicked "Show file in separate viewer".
> The settings in this tab seem to affect only what happens when I click on
> the file in the directory view.  I am using KDE 3.3.2.

I wanted to add that the problem I observe happens with other file types --
kwd (kword) and txt (kwrite) -- not just ksp (kspread).  It's hard to
believe that Konqueror is hard-wired to open files in an embedded viewer
considering that almost nothing appears to be hard-wired.  Furthermore, I'm
pretty sure that it didn't used to work this way.
Jeffrey Barish

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