Non-KDE apps can't connect to web sites using URLs

Jeffrey Barish jeff_barish at
Sun Oct 2 20:05:16 BST 2005

Jeffrey Barish wrote:

> I know that this sounds bizarre, but since I upgraded my system from
> Libranet 2.8 (2.4 kernel) to 3 (2.6 kernel, KDE 3.3.2), it appears that
> only KDE applications are able to connect to Internet sites using URLs.  I
> have three non-KDE applications (Firefox, Moneydance, Epiphany (web
> browser)) that fail to connect using URLs and four KDE applications
> (Konqueror, KMail, KNode, KNewsTicker that succeed.  Firefox and Epiphany
> are able to connect using IP numbers.  The fact that IP numbers work
> suggests a DNS problem, but DNS lives at my ISP so I don't see how it
> would
> be able to discriminate against only certain apps.  Well, I don't see how
> anything would.  Is there anything in KDE that might account for this
> favoritism?

It seems that my /etc/resolv.conf has the entry


which corresponds to my gateway.  It also has an entry for the correct
nameserver.  When I delete the one for my gateway, applications other than
KDE work.  Isn't KDE clever to overlook this misdirection?  Now, if I could
just figure out why resolvconf is inserting this erroneous entry, I will
finally be done with this problem.
Jeffrey Barish

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