Help stop all the confirmation dialogs

Steven Berlan logicdonut at
Sun Nov 27 22:18:05 GMT 2005

I've noticed that while using KDE there are almost too many confirmation 
windows that continuously pop up for every KDE application in existance. Is 
there some sort of option I can set that most kde applications (hopefully) 
will see and acknowledge?

Case in point: Kmplot, I use this often when I need to graph calculations, 
but I never EVER want to save my graphs, but it has to ask me everytime I 
attempt to close the window "don't you want to save this?!" Perhaps it is 
because I use it much alike I use kcalc, I'd rather see the result and not 
save it.

It is one of the few issues I have with KDE that is preventing me from 
switching over from gnome. I just cannot stand being asked by every 
application in existance saying "Are you SURE you want to quit?" or other 
annoying messages. Gnome doesn't ask for confirmations in most applications 
I use and would really like KDE to be less obtrusive as well.

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