Using SUN6 keyboard with KDE

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at
Tue Nov 15 16:52:12 GMT 2005

> I moved to linux/kde from sun recently. My new machine
> is still from SUN though (uses AMD opteron processor),
> and the keyboard is still the sun6 keyboard (has a
> nice section of buttons on left for editing, and
> window management).
> Using the keyboard preferences in KDE i was able to
> map the "front" and "open" buttons. However, i miss
> the mapping for cut, copy paste buttons which i used
> to use most of the time. Somebody told me that if i
> were to use kde, i cannot map these. Any body run into
> this kind of problems before?

I'm not sure exactly which bit you're getting stuck on, but there are two
separate issues here. One is making sure that X knows about your extra keys
(so it can tell KDE when one is pressed) and the other is telling KDE what
to do when that key is pressed.

For the first, take a look at the instructions in the KDE User Guide here:
and the next page.
Once you're sure that X knows about the extra keys, go to control center ->
regional & accessibility -> keyboard shortcuts -> application shortcuts,
where you'll find settings for cut, copy, paste, etc.

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