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Dennis J. Tuchler dennis.tuchler at
Mon Nov 14 23:29:54 GMT 2005

I use Thunderbird (e-mail) and Firefox (browser) under KDE (SuSE 10).  
When I click on a URL in an e-mail message, nothing happens (I want 
Firefox to rise up and connect me with the URL). When I click on a name 
(e-mail address) at a web site, nothing happens (I want Thunderbird to 
rise up and present a blank in which to write a note.

I opened Control Center >KDE Components > Component Chooser, and entered 
the address of each of the applications in the appropriate blank.  
Didn't help, probably because they are not KDE applications.

I've been thrashing about Usenet to try to get answers.  None.

How do I fix this?

Best regards,

dj tuchler

Dennis J. Tuchler
University City, Missouri 63130

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