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Mon Nov 14 01:58:28 GMT 2005

Quoting Marc Collin <collinm at>:

> Le 13 Novembre 2005 13:18, Rick Montgomery a écrit :
>> but the annoucement to go with Gnome as the supported interface will
>> almost completely kill my project. Rick
> all the fact are here

I think the original poster's issue was not whether or not SUSE would 
offer KDE
as an option, but whether SUSE would provide support for KDE, if that option
was chosen.

The above link, from my reading, says SUSE will, in future releases, offer the
user the choice of installing either Gnome or KDE. It also says SUSE will
continue to support KDE for existing customers (i.e., for installed systems).
It doesn't say whether SUSE will offer support for both Gnome and KDE 
in future
releases, or whether they will only be offering support for their default,

The answer to the latter question, I presume, is key. If a user of a future
release of SUSE chooses to install KDE instead of the default Gnome, will SUSE
provide support to that user with respect to KDE?

-- B.

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