How can I upgrade from KDE 3.3 to new KDE 3.4.x?

Justin Denick justin.denick at
Wed Nov 9 14:05:48 GMT 2005

do something smart like
tar cvjpf bobs_home_dir.bz2 /path/to/your/house
before you go any further.

This way you can blow away your home dir and selectively import things like
./stuff directories. Like .mozilla, .thunderbird and the like

On 11/8/05, James Richard Tyrer <tyrerj at> wrote:
> bob santana wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Well I use linux for few years now and I like to ask
> > you,what should I do to upgrade KDE.
> > I don`t use some kind of shell or terminal program and
> > is it possible that you can explain me how to upgrade
> > KDE kerne with out screw up anything.
> It is possible that your distro supports an automatic download and
> upgrade system. If that is the cause, you need to use that.
> Otherwise, if you have an RPM based distro that uses KPackage, you need
> to download a KDE package for the new version for each KDE package
> currently installed. To make this clear, the only way to Upgrade KDE is
> to Upgrade ALL of the packages at the same time; you can NOT upgrade
> them one at a time.
> Then,as root, move them to the location where your disto keeps its RPMs.
> This is normally:
> /usr/src/<distro>/RPMS/<arch>
> E.G.
> /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386
> Then as root, open KPackage and click on the "New" tab. Select the new
> KDE RPMs to Upgrade by clicking in the "Mark" column. After selecting
> all of them, click the: "Install Marked" button. The action window will
> then open with a list of the packages to install. Click the "Install"
> button. If you missed a package, you will also get a message that the
> old version depends on the other old versions. If that is the case, you
> either need to get the new version of that package or uninstall the old
> version.
> Unfortunately, this will probably result in a list of other packages
> which you need to Upgrade before you can Upgrade KDE. You need to
> download these from your distro's FTP site and Upgrade them first.
> After upgrading, you should IMMEDIATELY end your KDE session and restart
> KDE.
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