How can I upgrade from KDE 3.3 to new KDE 3.4.x?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Tue Nov 8 16:36:10 GMT 2005

bob santana wrote:
> Hi,
> Well I use linux for few years now and I like to ask
> you,what should I do to upgrade KDE.
> I don`t use some kind of shell or terminal program and
> is it possible that you can explain me how to upgrade
> KDE kerne with out screw up anything.

It is possible that your distro supports an automatic download and 
upgrade system.  If that is the cause, you need to use that.

Otherwise, if you have an RPM based distro that uses KPackage, you need 
to download a KDE package for the new version for each KDE package 
currently installed.  To make this clear, the only way to Upgrade KDE is 
to Upgrade ALL of the packages at the same time; you can NOT upgrade 
them one at a time.

Then,as root, move them to the location where your disto keeps its RPMs. 
  This is normally:




Then as root, open KPackage and click on the "New" tab.  Select the new 
KDE RPMs to Upgrade by clicking in the "Mark" column.  After selecting 
all of them, click the: "Install Marked" button.  The action window will 
then open with a list of the packages to install.  Click the "Install" 
button.  If you missed a package, you will also get a message that the 
old version depends on the other old versions.  If that is the case, you 
either need to get the new version of that package or uninstall the old 

Unfortunately, this will probably result in a list of other packages 
which you need to Upgrade before you can Upgrade KDE.  You need to 
download these from your distro's FTP site and Upgrade them first.

After upgrading, you should IMMEDIATELY end your KDE session and restart 

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