config file borders on screen 2

Gonzales, S gonzales_speedy at
Tue May 31 17:22:23 BST 2005

in short the setup:
suse, kde, dual screen, the second screen doesnt show any borders anymore, but 
helas alt+F3 only works on the main screen for some reason, not on the second 
monitor (so i cant use alt+F3 or alt+space) to fix the problem.
i'm running suse 9.1, kde, with a dual screen setup, no xinerama, no clone, 
but the third option, somehow i managed to disable the borders on the second 
screen (like advanced click on a border, no border), and i can't get them 
back on the second screen (since alt+F3 and other shortcut keys that work 
only seem to apply to the first screen), so i suppose there some config file 
where these (default?)settings are saved in, i was thinking of changing it 
there, but i don't find them (the appropiate files) .., suggestions, doens 
anyone know where u can change this in a config file?
i'v searched under the home dir and etc dir on the keyword border coming up in 
the file but didn't found anything helpful.
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