help! how can I get my new windows to appear in front

Oward Smyahoo hsm1th at
Tue May 31 15:35:09 BST 2005

I'm a new KDE user, running on a Sun Linux box. When
I try to open a new window or application, for example
to compose a message in Mozzilla mail or to open
OpenOffice or other apps, the new window opens BEHIND
the current
windows, and often I can't find it without minimizing
everything.  (Once I find it, I can right-click on the
titlebar and choose "Advanced" "Keep above others" -
then it works fine.  But this is too awkward and
painful.)  I've tried every combination of settings I
can think of in the "Configure Window Behavior" of a
window, but it does not seem to apply to new windows. 
I makes me weant to abandon KDE.

Is there some option someplace which allows me to open
new windows on top, or even a keyboard shortcut that
will bring to the front a window I point to anywhere
in the window?


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