Stupid Question: How do you customise Mr Seigo's new tooltips?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sun May 29 11:37:17 BST 2005

daniel at wrote:
> On Saturday 28 May 2005 23:51, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>>daniel at wrote:
>>>By "tool tips", I actually mean the "descriptive text and icon boxes"
>>>that appear when you mouseover a Kicker button. I was messing with my
>>>look-and-feel the other day and somehow managed to apply a "black text on
>>>a black background" theme: which isn't helpful. I searched through the
>>>Control Centre to try and find what I changed, but no cigar :).
>>I'm not certain which colors the "icon mouseover effect" uses but if you
>>open: "Appearance & Themes -> Colors" you should see what is wrong.
> No, I actually suspect it's a bug. Googling appears to show that this 
> sometimes just "happens" with then all-new Kicker, and that the only "fix" 
> anyone has come up with, is to turn the effect off (under Panels > 
> Appearance-tab > uncheck "Enable Mouseover effects", FWIW).
> There seems to be no entry in the Control Centre for applying any changes to 
> this effect, at all. Also CC's "help" still lists "icon zooming" as an 
> applicable effect, even though Aaron Seigo replaced "icon zooming" with this 
> new visual-do-hickey. It doesn't matter much; it was just annoying during the 
> time while I was still trying to work out how to either fix, or get rid of, 
> it.

Yes, there is probably a bug.  Further research indicates that the text 
color is: "Standard Text" which you *can* set where I said, but the 
background is not a named KDE color.  The background appears to be the 
Kicker Panel background color and I can't find anywhere to set this.

Also, there is no color specified in "kickerrc".

I can't reproduce the problem so all I can suggest is that you file a 
bug report.


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