Stupid Question: How do you customise Mr Seigo's new tooltips?

daniel at daniel at
Sun May 29 11:15:22 BST 2005

On Saturday 28 May 2005 23:51, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> daniel at wrote:
> > By "tool tips", I actually mean the "descriptive text and icon boxes"
> > that appear when you mouseover a Kicker button. I was messing with my
> > look-and-feel the other day and somehow managed to apply a "black text on
> > a black background" theme: which isn't helpful. I searched through the
> > Control Centre to try and find what I changed, but no cigar :).
> I'm not certain which colors the "icon mouseover effect" uses but if you
> open: "Appearance & Themes -> Colors" you should see what is wrong.

No, I actually suspect it's a bug. Googling appears to show that this 
sometimes just "happens" with then all-new Kicker, and that the only "fix" 
anyone has come up with, is to turn the effect off (under Panels > 
Appearance-tab > uncheck "Enable Mouseover effects", FWIW).

There seems to be no entry in the Control Centre for applying any changes to 
this effect, at all. Also CC's "help" still lists "icon zooming" as an 
applicable effect, even though Aaron Seigo replaced "icon zooming" with this 
new visual-do-hickey. It doesn't matter much; it was just annoying during the 
time while I was still trying to work out how to either fix, or get rid of, 
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