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Michael Mauch michael.mauch at
Tue May 17 20:08:40 BST 2005

?? wrote:

> I use kmail only as my mail client,  unfortrunately sometimes I require to 
> read my mails when Im not in front of my laptop using remote access (ssh). 
> The problem of course is that I can't run kmail throught the ssh
> console

You can run kmail through ssh (of course only if you have an X server
and enough bandwidth for graphical applications).

> so I 
> need a console based app (mutt, pine, elm??) to access my Mail directory 
> (read only access) and find the mails I require at the moment.

> Im pretty sure some ppl here access their mails in the console and was 
> wondering if someone can give me some advice??  I just dont want to 
> experiment with my Mail directory and loose my mails by accessing with the 
> wrong mail client....

You could make a backup of the Mail directory, just in case.

> here are the requirements:

>         - Console base : )
>         - Maildir support
>         - Read Only 
>         - Be able to see the structure organization of my mails.. (very deep 
> directory hierarchies)

Should be no problem with mutt (-R for read-only access).

> Also optional but no necessary

>         - POP access  (optional since usually kde will be running and kmail will also 
> be running while I access it remotely, in this case the client must support 
> the same locking mechanisms that kmail does)

Mutt can use also POP and IMAP.


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