konqueror and my cdrom

John Duperon jduperon at yahoo.com
Thu May 12 15:10:44 BST 2005

Hey everyone,

I have a small problem, but an annoying one, in which
Konqueror is involved.  When I put a CD into my drive
and access it via Konqueror, it automatically mounts
the drive.  This is great, no problems.  However, when
I'm done doing so, I can't umount the drive.  It's
always in use.  When I run fuser /media/cdrom0, it
tells me that famd is using the drive.  I have no way
of stopping it from doing so other than to wait a long
time, reboot the machine, or kill famd.  This is quite
annoying.  Does anyone have a solution to this
problem?  I'm using a Debian system with KDE 3.3.2.



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