Windows behaviour: walk-through-windows dialog and Focus under mouse

Uwe Brauer uwe_brauer at
Mon May 16 18:50:23 BST 2005

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Kar <akar3d at> writes:

    Andrew> It already does work  correctly. I think you are confusing
    Andrew> focus  and   brought to  front  functionality;   they  are
    Andrew> different things.  A window can be focused but still be in
    Andrew> the  background or between 2 or  3 other windows.  Alt-tab
    Andrew> will  bring the selected window  to the front; it will not
    Andrew> focus it if  you have focus under mouse  turned on and the
    Andrew> mouse is over some other window.
thanks for your answer, I  cite from the help menu:

"Note   that Focus under mouse  and  Focus strictly under mouse prevent
certain features, such  as  the  Alt+Tab  walk-through-windows dialog,
from working properly." 

So may be this entry simply is outdated.

My point is, if I chose either  Focus  under mouse or Focus strictly
that indeed ALT+TAB walks trough-windows however the auxiliary  window,
which shows all the windows, does not pop up, as it does with click on

It seems that  you tell me, this is unavoidable, do I understand that



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