What am I missing: cdbakeoven & kreatecd from extragear won't compile

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Mon May 9 23:38:02 BST 2005

Steven P. Ulrick wrote:
> Hello, Everyone
> I do apologize if this is better suited for the devel list, but I was
> told the other day that something that I thought should go to devel
> should actually be dealt with here.  So hear goes....
> While attempting to compile extragear/multimedia from SVN HEAD, I get
> the following messages in the output from "configure":
> checking if cdbakeoven should be compiled... no
> checking if kreatecd should be compiled... no
> Here is a link to the entire output of configure that I got the two
> above quoted lines from:
> http://www.afolkey2.net/ExtragearMultimedia-ConfigureLog.txt

Are you sure that this is correct?

	Could not connect to host www.afolkey2.net.

> I am running Fedora Core 3, fully updated.  After my last failed
> attempt at compiling and installing cdbakeoven and kreatecd, I scoured
> "configure" and looked for packages that it said I did not have.  I got
> all of those as well, so the output of "configure" does not complain
> about them missing, but still no cdbakeoven & kreatecd.  I was not able
> to see anything specifinc saying why those two programs wouldn't
> compile.

Do you have: "config.cache" files.  If so, remove them and run 
'configure' again.

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