Tiny unreadable fonts after upgrading from KDE 3.1.4 to KDE 3.4

Mark Nagy mnagyspam at hotpop.com
Wed May 4 19:08:36 BST 2005

Justin Denick wrote:
> Could be a lot of things.
> Is it only the text on the login screen? Are the icons small? Is
> everything porportional.?
> Can you increase the font size after logging in?
> Once you define the problem than a suitable solution can be applied.

I didn't think I had been all that unreasonably vague.  Perhaps somewhat 
so, but hardly sufficiently to warrant condescension.  And there aren't 
any icons on the kdm login screen, at least not on my system.

It wasn't like an ordinary font size setting, just little horizontal 
lines, with no discrete characters, where lines of text should have 
been.  The problem seemed similar to what to happens with some video 
cards when DisplaySize isn't explicitly set in the X configuration (but 
it is).  A few elements of the screen had correctly-sized fonts, and a 
few had the lines that I only knew to be attempted text because I'd seen 
them before when they were working right.  I didn't attempt to navigate 
the illegible interface to adjust specific font settings because it 
seemed fairly clear that something was hosed on another level. 
Switching back to the old KDE seemed to fix it.

I was going to try it again to get more detail, but for whatever reason 
it didn't happen this time.  It sounds like you're probably implying 
that there's no known issue that would have this kind of effect, so I'll 
just wait and see if it happens again, and try to get more detail if it 

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