Empty KDE menu for NFS home

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Thu Mar 24 22:50:01 GMT 2005

Elena Lazar wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a strange problem with:
> - KDE 3.3.2
> - on a Gentoo 2004.3
> - my home is mountd via NFS
> - KDE starts but the K Menu is empty (it has only few entries from 
> "Actions" like Logout, Bookmarks, but no Applications whatsoever)
> - I can start programs with Alt+F2
> - If I start kcontrol, the module list is emtpy as well
> - /usr/kde/3.3/bin and /usr/kde/3.3/sbin are in my $PATH
> Other facts:
> - my NFS home is mouned and works ok (login from console is just fine)
> - I deleted all .kde config files and directories and temporary files, 
> then I started with a fresh session and the outcome is the same
> - I have the same empty result no matter I start from KDM or from startx
> I have created a test user with local home and everything is fine. As 
> soon as I assign it a home via NFS, then again, KDE starts but with an 
> empty menu. I have no delays in accessing my NFS home, GNOME works fine 
> with it, from console it works fine, I wonder what is KDE missing here?

You have two links in the $HOME/.kde directory that you need to change:


These need to point to directories on your NFS share.  It doesn't make a 
lot of difference what directories that you use but you should make them 
something logical if you want links to global temporary directories. 
Then add them to your /etc/skel using the $USER variable for the user 
account name so that new users will be correctly setup.  Or, you can 
just replace the links with directories of the same name.

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