How to enable the old kicker icon-zoom effect in KDE 3.4?

Andrew Kar akar3d at
Thu Mar 24 15:01:25 GMT 2005

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005 10:50 am, Howard Coles Jr wrote:
> However, if they
> head down a path that a lot of users don't like they'll find themselves
> programming only for themselves.

You are missing the point. Programmers DO, are allowed to; and have the right; 
to program for themselves.  They dont get paid; They do it for THEIR 
pleasure, education and edification and are kind enough to allow the rest of 
us to use their code if we so desire. They owe us NOTHING! We on the other 
hand have the right to make a request and to contribute our own bit of code 
or modifications that is what Open Source 'IS'
    I dont understand why people have a problem with this; why do people think 
the programmers owe them something?  
I used to be immature and think like that so I travelled to DusselDorf with a 
crack team to blow up KDE Corporate World HQ only to find that it didn't 
exist! It took me years of therapy to get over it....

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