Upgraded to 3.4: few problems

Janne Ojaniemi janne.ojaniemi at nbl.fi
Wed Mar 23 15:09:26 GMT 2005

I'm having few problems with my fresh 3.4-installation:

First: I do not have "devices" in Konqeuror-filemanager anymore. Note: I'm 
using HAL and DBUS to manage my dynamic devices, and my devices do appear in 
the new media-kioslave. Is the "Devices"-depreciated, or do I have a real 
problem here?

Related to this: I heard that you can no have your USB-drives and the like to 
appear on the desktop once they are inserted in the system. How do I do that? 
They appear in the media-kioslave, but not in the desktop.

My even weirder problem: I lost my "Location"-textbox in Konqueror! Sure, I 
can add location-toolbar, but I would like to have a location-textbox in my 
main-toolbar instead. When I try to edit the toolbars, "location" is 
available to be added to the toolbar in the "available actions" field. But 
when I add it, it never appears in the "current actions"-field (it does 
disappear fro "Available actions", though)! I also noticed that it's missing 
from my 3.3.2-installation as well. What the hell is going on in here?
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