How to enable the old kicker icon-zoom effect in KDE 3.4?

Nathan Toone nathan at
Wed Mar 23 14:39:28 GMT 2005

> As 'training wheels' these new popup windows do have their points.  But
what does that "way cool" animation accomplish?  And, why can't we turn
it off after a few days?

OK - guys, this is not even an issue, it has been discussed at length at

For what it's worth, there are two options that you can (manually) set in
your .kickerrc file - MouseOversShowIcon and MouseOversShowText.  Set
either one of these to false, and you can control how the tooltip appears.
 For example, I set MouseOversShowText to false, and the effect is very
much like the original icon zooming (because it only shows the icon.)

Also, if you would like to have a way to turn off the animation, the code
is located at  It shouldn't be too hard
to create an option (even a hidden option) similar to how the
MouseOversShow options were implemented.  If I remember correctly (I don't
have the code in front of me right now), there is an if statement to see
if the animation should be drawn or not (it's only drawn on mouseover of
the first icon)...just make sure your animation option you create is
included in that "if" statement.

I stick by my comments that were made in the bug report referenced above -
you'll get a lot further in getting features implemented if you try to
*do* something rather than just complain about it.

And I don't know if those hidden options made it in to 3.4 or if they are
just in CVS - does anyone else know?


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