Installing Mplayer

John john_82 at
Tue Mar 22 21:26:22 GMT 2005

I'm trying to install mplayer under kde3.1 and suse 9.0 using yaste. I have 
all of the binary rpm's needed. (I think)
I get the following conflict report when installing libogg :
	libogg conflict
 	   Conflicts with:
  	      libogg-devel requires libogg = 1.0-
   	 Conflict Resolution:
    	    ( ) Do Not Update libogg
     	   ( ) Remove All 5 Conflicting Packages
      	   	   Delete libvorbis-devel
       	 	    Delete libogg-devel
        	    Delete kdebase3-devel
         	   Delete kdelibs3-devel
          	  Delete kdevelop3
        	( ) Ignore Conflict and Risk System Inconsistencies
What do I do?
If I try to install libtheora the conflict boils down to it needing libogg 
Also when installing mplayer w32codecs-all comes up as missing. I've got round 
that by installing an i386 rpm. I also have the all codecs in a tar from the 
mplayer site. Not sure if these are the same?

I am some what confused by the ix86 options. I run a recent P4 so should I 
install x686 or x586 packages?

A note that may be of use to others.
Recently I have had trouble downloading rpms. The rpms download and konq comes 
up with k rpm viewer window offering to install it with yaste. The parameter 
passed to yaste doesn't point to the downloaded rpm though so usually but not 
allways nothing installs. I have got round that by altering the rpm file 
association. It was file manager. I deleted that. (Can't re enter File 
Manager though!). Rpm's can now be downloaded to where ever I want them. A 
right click on one offers the K rpm viewer and that offers install with 
yaste. A much more controlled way of doing things!

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