Opening Files Across Network Without Downloading

Anders Ellenshøj Andersen andersa at
Mon Mar 21 16:34:59 GMT 2005

On Monday 21 March 2005 16:31, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> > Is it possible to actually open files through KDE applications over a
> > Samba/Windows (or any) network without it downloading the whole thing to
> > your hard-drive first? Yes, I know I can mount it to a folder but I'd
> > rather not. That's what IOslaves ate for.
> Right, but it depends on the application's capabilities if it can handle
> asynchronous data.
> And some applications might have the need to seeking, which doesn't work
> over current KIO

Not quite try. You can stop a job and create a new one at any point in the 
file, using metadata commands, if the io-slave supports it. So as long as you 
can handle the overhead of stopping an io job and creating a new one, seeking 
is kind of supported.

See discussion here:

Thus it is primarily a problem of application support for io-slaves, not an 
io-slave issue as such.


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