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Mon Mar 21 09:48:34 GMT 2005

2005. március 21. 10:26,
Andrew Kar <akar3d at> 
-> kde at,:
> On Mon, 21 Mar 2005 04:46 am, LeVA wrote:
> > How can I make Konqueror to go to offline browsing. I turned Tools / HTML
> > Settings / Cache Policy / Offline Browsing Mode to ON, but still working
> > thru the internet. Is there an offline browsing feature in Konqueror?
> > ps.: I have the Web Cache completely turned off.
> Is this post for real?
> If you have the Web Cache completely turned off then what is there to
> browse offline??
> Offline browsing *means* browsing the contents of your cache! :-)
Yeah, I thought, that konqueror will say that the page is unreachable, or 
something like that, but it still uses my internet connection... Turning web 
cache on, and setting the offline browsing to on does the trick, except, that 
after a web cache clean, I can still see opened pages (just text, no images) 
in konqueror.
Anyway, the offline browsing is working (somewhat), thanks.


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