Laptop control on 3.4 for SUSE

Jes Hall jes.hall at
Sat Mar 19 05:55:41 GMT 2005

Do you have APM support compiled into your kernel or as a module? If it 
is as a module, check that it's loaded :)

On Mar 19, 2005, at 1:55 PM, Derek Fountain wrote:

> I just downloaded the SUSE KDE-3.4 packages for my SUSE-9.0 based APM 
> laptop.
> All seems fine (although there isn't a kdegraphics3 package - has that 
> been
> overlooked or removed?).
> One issue though - laptop control. What do I use to get a laptop 
> battery icon
> in the tray? I have a 'klaptop_check' application, but it doesn't seem 
> to do
> anything when run. The "Start Battery Monitor" button on the control 
> panel
> pane doesn't do anything when clicked either.
> The "Current Battery Status" icon on the control pane does show the 
> correct
> battery status, so the underlying control mechanism is clearly 
> working. Did
> the battery monitor applet thing get renamed to something weird or 
> missed out
> of the SUSE packages or something?

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