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Salut Sven,
On Thu, 17 Mar 2005, Sven Jacobs wrote:
> Hello Philip!
> Unfortunately aplay can only play WAVE files. So  aplay was called for OGG 
> files, too. I guess your problem is similar.
ok. as I stated earlier, I use KDE 3.3.2a (so am a bit OT...), but my 
problem is not file-type correlated. I can play WAV, OGG ect. And I can 
use artsplay.

> I've written a little bash script which can be called instead of aplay. It 
> decides which program to used based on the filetype. It works with WAVE, OGG 
> and MP3:
This script works for me, when not used as the custom-playback-program of 
KNotify as expected. But the KNotify-test-button does not work, as the 
KNotify itself. So it did not change a bit for me. :-(

Thanks anyway!
   hartwig felger

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