System Notifications on Upgraded KDE 3.4

Sven Jacobs sven.jacobs at
Thu Mar 17 14:30:07 GMT 2005

Hello Philip!

> I upgraded KDE 3.3 to version 3.4 without any problems. I am running 
> Suse 9.2 Pro. I am able to play any sounds files I wish without any 
> problems and I also get the test sounds generated by the Control Centre. 
> I do not however have audible system notifications anymore (i.e. like 
> sounds played when switching between virtual desktops or when KDE starts 
> up or shuts down).

KDE is in the process of switching every system sound to the OGG file 
format. I had the same problem once, too. Some sounds were played while 
others were not. I am not using arts because my soundcard supports 
hardware mixing so I set up KDE to use the programm aplay (from ALSA) to 
play all system sounds. Unfortunately aplay can only play WAVE files. So 
  aplay was called for OGG files, too. I guess your problem is similar.

I've written a little bash script which can be called instead of aplay. 
It decides which program to used based on the filetype. It works with 
WAVE, OGG and MP3:

You may want to try this.

Sven Jacobs
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